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The Code on Kindle

The Code

If Your AI Loses its Mind, Can it Take Meds?

Life on earth is at risk when an AI sent to the moon becomes psychotic! 

Shutting him down means a covert trip to the moon and a battle for our very survival.

The Code
If Your AI Loses its Mind, Can it Take Meds?

GENE is that A.I., placed on the moon for testing out new technology for mining the asteroid belt. He is on track to grind the moon to dust, believing that is his purpose after having developing schizophrenia.
Liam (who battles his own psychological demons with an eclectic playlist and a droll sense of humour) and co-creator Cletus, are in a race against time to shut him down. After several attempts, the decision is made to return man to the moon and shut GENE down forever.
A mission is hastily pulled together using a military shuttle, some old Apollo equipment salvaged from museums and an elite military unit. The battle of wills and wits on the surface of the moon will determine the future of humanity as we know it.
So,if you like your science fiction told with humour and pace, then this book is for you.

The Code


What readers are saying


Worth reading 😎

Humorous, well paced novel that makes its reader question what technology has in store for us and what role will the AI play in it.

  Originally published on Reedsy Discovery

This book has a fantastic and serious premise with characters to match but slathered all around it is enough mayhem and hyperbole to make readers laugh even as they ponder the unthinkable.  Peter McAllister can give us a cautionary tale, served with heart and humor and great humanity, about our greed.  It does not  flog us with guilt and significantly illustrates that most people are earnest, well meaning and ultimately, incredibly human.

Allison R.


A fabulous book to get lost in on a rainy weekend. If you love near future science fiction, with razor sharp social commentary, you will love this. A well-paced tale of a race to save humanity entwined with the comedy of business and how people stay sane through it all. Read it and enjoy.

Wild M.

The book reminded me of Douglas Adams because of the lens of Sci fi and humour, slightly reminiscent of Ben Elton in comedy style.

Alan P.

It is an intelligent story, told with a light & humorous touch & a great pace.

Liz T.

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein

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About the Author

Peter McAllister an engineer, scientist, turned technology manager who wants to share the stories that keep him awake at night.


In his professional life he works in IT where tools such as AI are becoming prevalent. This behind-the-scenes knowledge, along with his previous work at the intersection of technology, business, and people puts him in a great position to speculate on the future.

He lives outside of Melbourne with his wife, four cats, and the kangaroos that visit them.

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