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A playlist for a Sci Fi novel?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The best drummer in the world

My aim with “The Code” was not an unusual one – to question a point of view via a story, a story with characters you could relate to. You dont have to love or hate them, but you have to have some feelings towards them! And I have to do that with a limited number of words what get printed on a page.

There are traits you like, ones you relate to, ones which give them a flaw, and others that make them heros.

The protagonist, Liam, borrowed one trait from me – he uses music to help regulate his own mood. From 70’s punk to indie rock and a lot in between – these is a track out there to pump up, validate or cool down, and it is available at your fingertips – right now.

Yep – good old dopamine strikes again – the music impacting emotions through the level of dopamine in the brain. A paper in the journal Neuroscience has postulated personalised music-based interventions for the treatment of abnormal mood – exactly what Liam was doing!

So search for Liam McCoul’s playlist on Spotify or Apple Music and see where it takes you – or follow the links.

Have a look at the video, and get the book

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