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Science Fiction - the start of reality (again)?

So if you hate Star Trek (notably the original and the movies with the original crew) leave now to save yourself.

The death of the actor behind Lt Uhura, Nichelle Nichols has reminded us off the off-screen work she did to get women and minorities into Science and NASA.

My favorite anecdote is around Mae Jemison, the first black woman to go to space, who became interested in science because of Uhura. During her space shuttle mission, she would begin communications with “hailing frequencies open”, a nod to the character.

So once again, things actors pretended to do in the future, with fake tools and polystyrene rocks, have become the things that real people do as a day job.

It would be fitting if NASA named part of Atemus after her, Shatner went to space and came back, Doohan has some of his ashes in space, so now let us get Nichols to the moon.

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