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Fact or fiction - it's still called a "story"

(Source - Motley Fool)

Just read an interesting article from The Motley Fool and investment advisory service that provided information for you to better invest your cold hard cash. It has 6 AI horror stories:

  1. Uber's self-driving car ran 6 red lights,

  2. Two google assistants arguing about who was the computer and who was the human (and God),

  3. A child asking Alexa to play with dolls caused them to be ordered (not so weird really), and when the TV story went to air - a whole bunch more were ordered from the "always-listening" Alexa's

  4. The Hanson robotics robot that agreed to destroy the world (a bit of hyperbole);

  5. Kalashnikov's artificial intelligence machine gun, capable of targeting and firing on humans it considers expendable (umm), and

  6. A recent PwC report that 38% of U.S. jobs are vulnerable to being replaced by artificial intelligence systems over the next 15 years (hmm)

Number 5 is by far the scariest - especially in the world we find our TV's each night.

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