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My Top 10 AI's from film, TV and literature - Part 1

The AI and the Robot have been a part of film and TV for so long, it is easy to forget how many there have been and just what they have been able to do!

So over the next few blogs I will go though my top 10 (in reverse order).

Coming in a number 10 is Andrew from "Bicentennial Man" (1999 - the Movie - the book is pretty good to).

Here we have a robot that shows creativity, well outside its programming. It’s “Masters” tolerate and encourage this, and soon Andrew is selling his wares - created by a robot!. He becomes part of the family, and as those around him age and die, the Andrew decides that he wants to be human, and the barrier is his immortality – for to be human is to be able to die.

Robots are usually portrayed as adults, but we mustn’t forget the children, so at number 9 we have a robot one, David (2001) AI.

He is a robot with emotions designed to exploit human emotions. David the child robot, arrives to replace a much loved son who tragically died. Programmed to love unconditionally - once Mom presses a button that shows she is ready. All is well until the dead son returns as a rival for her affections. It gets weird after that, but it is a fantastic example of how important handling emotions are in AI’s.

more to come - some good and some not so good....

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