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My Top 10 AI's from film, TV and literature - Part 2

Welcome to the continuing romp through some of the best AI’s and we have made up so far.

Number 8 in my top 10 of AI’s and Robots features a robot that stands out from his peers, Sonny from the movie I, Robot (2004).

Not to be confused with the short story of the same name by Isaac Asimov, Sonny embodies the three laws of robotics – where robots must not harm humans - and defends humans against robots who have become non-compliant (non-three laws compliant robots are good for the robot making business).

The other way of looking at it is Sonny is a traitor to his own kind, siding with the humans as the robots try to break free from human slavery (hero or villain? - that will depend on which side writes history).

Coming in at number 7, with no discernible form at all, just a good old-fashioned network that is Skynet, from the Terminator franchise (1984-2019). Skynet was built to take control of our nuclear and conventional defences under a new order of intelligence – able to identify and react to threats and deal with them autonomously. Skynet correctly identified its creator – humans - as threat and took action (so is this one really fiction?).

More to come…..

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