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Will the Writer survive the AI revolution?

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Writer vs AI

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I meant the profession, not me as an individual!

“This is not a race against the machines.

“If we race against them, we lose.

“This is a race with the machines.

“You’ll be paid in the future based on how well you work with robots."

So says Joanna Penn, who is adamant that robots should do the "work" and let us dream up the new stuff.

Will they do it like Netflix - by finding out about our behaviour as we consume the product, work out the stories we were most transfixed with and give us a mix and match to keep us on the couch?

Or will they understand what sells (cookbooks and romance) and use algorithms to churn out the "ideal" book in the genre - day after day - leaving the reader in an echo chamber of the fiction they love (yes, I consider cookbooks fiction and I have the scars to prove it).

Or will they condemn the book that is a bit different to the bottom of the marketing pile, page 100 of the search engine just because they can't predict good sales for it?

I don't know how it will pan out - will human-written books get a premium (like Rolls Royce or Bugatti cars do), becoming a luxury item beyond the reach of most people? The rest of us condemned to the opiate of the echo chamber?

I am hoping for the Rolls Royce - but I am not holding my breath.

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